Kitchen Team Member


We are on a mission to make Brissie and Hospo, a better place and our little family is growing.

Which means, we are looking for a new Kitchen Team Member.

After 5 years, Willow is moving to Europe to go see the world and we have some big shoes we need to fill!

The role includes helping prep food and setting up the kitchen ready for the nights service, then working with Karly and Izzie through service, helping plate up the final dishes, make tortillas and more.

The role will be around 25-30 hours per week, starting at 4pm, Tuesday to Saturday. The position will be a casual position to begin with the option to move to a Permanent Part Time contract including holiday and sick pay.

We are small, tight knit team and fitting in with that is essential (the whole team signs off on new team members).

As part of the team you will get:

  • Unlimited food and drinks (yup, no shitty discounts here!);
  • Paid for every hour you are at work, and we don't expect your life to be all about work. We take work/life integration super seriously here;
  • A really fun place to spend your time.

Applicants as a minimum will need to:

  • Be able to move. The kitchen gets busy, especially on weekends;
  • Not take yourself too seriously or be too precious.
  • Say what you mean, mean what you say.
  • Keep calm under pressure,
  • If the word fuck offends you, we aren't for you
  • Able to fit in well with the existing team (this is crucial!) The team signs off on all new team members.
  • Not have a "that's not my job" kind of attitude. That won't fly around here, we are a small, tight knit team and everything pitches in to get it done!

We have a few Role Specific Requirements

  • Must have kitchen experience. Big or small kitchen is ok, we don't mind but experience is a must;
  • Must enjoy working in a small kitchen environment with a desire to bounce off ideas, taste, test and chat about the menu we are offering our customers;
  • Must be happy to work in multiple roles in the kitchen from prep to set up, running the pass to tortillas;
  • Be systems driven and be willing to help us refine our systems and processes.

What's next?

If this description has you saying FUCK YEAH, then send us a message in the form below letting us know which role you are keen on and explaining why you are a great fit  (no resumes or CVs please

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