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We are on a mission to make Brissie and Hospo, a better place and our little family is growing.

We are on the hunt for a digital content creator/social media/community manager to take our online presences and run with them. We know we haven't done the best job of them over the years, this is where you come in.

You will take ownership of all our digital properties (socials, website and ones we haven't even thought of yet) work with us on a strategy then execute on that strategy day to day for both of our current venues (we also have Bar Francine in West End)

From creating engaging, platform specific content and chatting with our customers to helping us fill events. If it lives online, it is yours!

The day to day of the job is remote, but you will need to be in Brisbane as you will need to be in the venues at some point for content creation but we are pretty good at using Slack, Asana and other tools to communicate for the majority of the work. We are also super flexible on when you work so will fit in very well around study etc.

We are small, tight knit team and fitting in with that is essential (the whole team signs off on new team members).

As part of the team you will get:

  • unlimited food and drinks (yup, no shitty discounts here!),
  • quarterly profit share,
  • paid for every hour you are at work, and we don't expect your life to be all about work. We take work/life integration super seriously here
  • and it is a really fun place to spend your time.

Applicants will ideally have some hospitality experience, but as a minimum, you will need to:

    • Be really fun to hang out with,

    • Not take yourself too seriously or be too precious. 

    • Say what you mean, mean what you say.

    • Able to fit in well with the existing team (this is crucial!) The team signs off on all new team members.

    • Ability to keep calm under pressure,

    • If the word fuck offends you, we aren't for you

    • Not have a "that's not my job" kind of attitude. That won't fly around here, we are a small, tight knit team and everything pitches in to get it done!

We have a few Role Specific Requirements

  • Must have experience managing, running and growing super engaging social platforms, preferably in a hospitality or music environment;
  • Strong design eye. Not necessarily a gun on the software although that would be really great but we can help on that side of things if needs be;
  • Ability to create the content, that means photos and most importantly videos. Ideally editing them or being able to give clear direction on how you want things edited.
  • You must be able to manage your own workload, we definitely aren't micro-managers here. 
  • Ability to work to a KPI and be able to report back on your progress along the way.

What's next?

If this description has you saying FUCK YEAH, then send us a message in the form below letting us know which role you are keen on and explaining why you are a great fit  (no resumes or CVs please

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